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DTH Button Bits Grinder

DTH Button Bits Grinder

Grinding machine for button bits, grinding pins, Hexagon grinding cup for drill bit, grinding carbide, button bit, DTH bit, tungsten carbide, air flush, water flush, button bit grinder is used for grinding carbide on button bits such as DTH-button bits, and top hammer percussive bits.

Product Description

1 suitable for chisel bits and integral drill rods sharpening

2 hand-held/semi-automatic (pneumatic power)

3 speed sharpen 4900, 5300, 20000 r.p.m

4 CE

5. For various sizes


We have two kinds of attached grinding wheels : ceramic and diamond.

BESTLINK-------------Sole Manufacturer of Button Bit Grinding System in China 
Products Features:

A: Button Bits Grinder

BTON 200 is a high powered hand-held button bits grinder. It have quickly established themselves as dependable and versatile machines, credited by the professionals and CE approved.


B: Diamond Grinding Cups

BESTLINK supplies you various kinds of grinding cup for your various need.

Details as below:

1. Wing (shoulder) drive grinding cup for, with a 8mm diameter shaft(shank) and one O-ring. Suitable for integral brand grinding machine;

2. 9mm diameter shaft(shank), suitable for all grinding machines;

3. 55 drive grinding cup is for all Atlas grinding machines.

The grinding cups sizes are ranged from 6mm to 25mm; a special size is on clients request.

Technical Data's:

Model of Hand held Button Bit Grinder


Max Air pressure

5-7 bar (100psi)

Air consumption

2m 3 /min (50ft 3 /min) 

Rate power


Idling speed

20,000 rpm

Water flushing presuure, max

4 bar (60psi)

Hose diameter, air

19 mm(1/2″)

Hose diameter, water


Weight, exclude hoses

3.2 kg

Sound level

80 dB

Grinding button size

Φ6-25 mm

Button bit grinder.jpgGrinding working

Button bit grinder.jpg


DTH Button bit grinder.jpg

Contrast effect


Grinding pin

grinding pin.jpg


grinding pin1.jpg


1 Grinding Machine.jpg
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