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Concentric Casing System With Blocks

Concentric casing system with blocks is applicable to all kinds of core drilling rig, bolt rig, for geological exploration, deep foundation pit support, high slope anchorage, tunnel collapse tube shed support, pebble layer high pressure rotary jet and other fields

Concentric Casing System with blocks

In some loose and unstable rock formation, the drilling process often occurs hole collapse , buried and other issues. The use of slider drilling can be effectively applied to the backfill and pebble layer, can be used for the field of pile, with the depth of 40 meters or less, the operation is more simple


This product consists of three parts: lead, center drill, slider expansion


The drilling tool has the advantages of simple structure and simple operation. It adopts the concentric slider and the drill bit and the center drill bit. The straightening device can obviously enhance the crushing effect, and the transmission is clever, the torque force is small, the structure is reliable, the resistance is small and crushes the stone even. At the same time in the drilling process, the torque force is very small, no swing, drill pipe concentric, hole is circle.

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Concentric casing system with blocks

concentric casing system with blocks 001.jpg

Component parts

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