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DTH Bit QL50-140mm

DTH Bit QL50-140mm

Down the hole rock tools (drilling tools) are rock drilling equipment which takes compressed air as power source to partially transfer impact power into drilling holes. An air distributing device in a top hammer controls a piston to move back and forth. An impact device arranged in the front of the top hammer transfers the impact powderto a down-the-hole bit to crush rocks.

DTH Bit 


DTH bit is our main product. After mang years search, we have rich experience in development and manufacturing high quality products, which adopted high-quality raw materials, advanced technology and passed through strictly inspection.  

1.high and low air pressure down-the-hole drill bits 
2.Low air pressure holeDia.:65-220mm  

3.High air pressure hole Dia.:85-305mm   

4.Face type:drop center/concave/convex/double gauge/flat   

5.Our DTH Bit can be suitable for many types of DTH Hammer, such as XL, Mission, COP, IR, Mach, Demag, SD, Bulroc, Halco Mach, Digger etc.

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