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VKP80 VKP90 DTH Drilling Button Bits

VKP80 and VKP90 dth hammer and bits are very popular in Turkey

VKP80 VKP90 DTH drilling button bits

We provide any type of DTH hammer and bits.

Shank can be available:

1), Dia. 64mm-70mm shank Bulroc BR1
2), Dia. 70mm-95mm shank Halco MACH20, Bulroc BR2,VKP80,VKP90,VKP95
3), Dia. 90mm-102mm shank COP32, COP34, Halco MACH303, M30, DHD3.5, Bulroc BR3
4), Dia. 105mm-152mm shank COP44, DHD340, Halco MACH44, SD4, M40, QL40, Bulroc BR4
5), Dia. 135mm-165mm shank COP54, DHD350R, COP54, Halco MACH50, SD5, M50, QL50, Bulroc BR5
6), Dia. 152mm-254mm shank COP64, DHD360, SD6, M60, QL60, Bulroc BR6
7), Dia. 203mm-330mm shank COP84, DHD380, SD8, QL80
8), Dia. 254mm-380mm shank SD10, Numa100
9), Dia. 305mm-508mm shank DHD1120, SD12, N120, N125
10), Dia. 405mm-864mm shank SD15, SD18
11), VKP80, VKP95, CIR90, CIR100, CIR110, CIR150, CIR200...

VKP80-90mm & Bulroc3-90.jpgVKP80 DRILL BIT 10.jpgVKP80 DRILL BIT 13.jpg

If the buttons get dull,you can use our button bits grinding machine to sharpen it !!!


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