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Manual DTH Hammers Disassemble Tools Breakout Equipment

Manual DTH Hammers Disassemble Tools Breakout Equipment

A DTH Hammers disassemble Tools Breakout equipment will be a good choice to help to solve the problem when DTH hammer threads cannot be loosened or tend to get stuck.

Manual DTH Hammers Disassemble Tools Breakout Equipment

The threaded connections of the driver chuck and top sub may become very tightly tensioned during drilling.It is convenient to break the hammer threads on the rig, but if the threads cannot be loosened or tend to get stuck, a DTH Hammer disassembling equipment is the solution.
This handy but powerful DTH Hammer disassembling equipment can easily be placed in a workshop or container and it breaks DTH hammers between 3-8".

Technical Data

The DTH Hammer disassembling equipment is available in two designs, 

one for 3-5"hammer,and another for 6-8" hammer.

Operate Hammers3''-5''6''-8''
Length (mm)9201100
Width (mm)510620
Height (mm)875875
Weight (kgs)200230

Please Noted that the DTH Hammers disassembling equipment is delivered with wrench keys.


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