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6 Inch DTH Hammer

6 Inch DTH Hammer

High air pressure DTH hammer: 1.High air pressure DTH hammer size from 3" to 12"(76mm-304mm) 2.Shank types including COP, QL,DHD, MISSION,HD,IR, SD,TD, etc. 3.Connect Thread : API 2 3/8" , API 3 1/2 , Reg-6 5/8"Reg etc.

We are supplying all series of drilling equipment and drilling tools

By using high-quality raw materials, utilizing advanced craft technologies and imposing strict quality inspection, the product range covers:Down the hole hammer and bits(dth hammers and dth bits),drill pipes, threaded drilling bits, reverse circulation hammers and bits, shank adapters and coupling sleeves, drilling rig, air compressor and spare parts for drill equipment.

Different size and shank types of DTH Bit

1.High and low air pressure down-the-hole drill bits 

2.Low air pressure hole Dia.:65-220mm  

3.High air pressure hole Dia.:85-305mm  

4.Face type:drop center/concave/convex/double gauge/flat  

5. Our DTH Bit can be suitable for many types of DTH Hammer shank, including Mission, COP, IR, Mach, Demag, SD, Bulroc, Halco Mach, Digger etc.

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02 dth drill bits for production site.jpg

03 packing site for reverse circulation drill bits.jpg


 Our product range:

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tricone bits.jpgbutton bits grinder.jpgDTH hammer breakout bench 01.jpg

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