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DHD340 DHD350 High Air Pressure DTH Hammer

DTH Hammers are ranges six main series from 3.5" to 18", it serves to drilling projects in mining,water well,geothermal,foundation, oil and gas.

What is DTH hammer (down the hole hammer)?

DTH Hammer is also known as down the hole hammer, pneumatic hammer. To the compressed air as the power medium, the use of compressed air energy to produce continuous impact load hole at the end of power equipment. Compressed air can also serve as a wash hole medium. Pneumatic hammer with high wind pressure and low wind pressure, valve type and no valve type of points. Usually the pneumatic hammer directly connected with the carbide rod teeth to impact the way to break the rock, low-speed rotation is not heart full of drilling. Mainly used in hydrological wells drilling, no core geological drilling, geological disaster prevention and control projects and mine drilling and other fields. Suitable for use in gravel and hard rock formations, specially configured drill bits can also be used in soft soil. The penetration rate is generally much higher than that of a hydraulic hammer, but requires a larger capacity air compressor, fuel consumption, noise, dust pollution. Drilling depth by the groundwater level, the greater the impact of water.


DTH hammer is an integral part of the down the hole drilling rig and belongs to the working device of the down the hole drilling rig. DTH hammer is divided into low-pressure submersible hammer, stroke pressure dive hammer and high pressure dive hammer.

Widely used in metallurgy, coal, chemicals, building materials are not busy mines and water conservancy, hydropower, roads, railways, defense, construction and other projects into the hole, suitable for dry, geomancy mixed and borehole gushing wet work, reliable performance , Is now the ideal drilling hole equipment.


The working principle of the DTH hammer: the beginning of the impact of the stroke, the piston and the valve are in the pole position, the pressure through the valve cover and the seat of the radial hole into the cylinder chamber, pushing the piston high-speed downward movement impact drill. When the piston row to the bushing of the spline groove is closed, the lower chamber pressure began to rise, so the upper hole of the piston from the air distribution rod, so that the upper cavity through the atmosphere, the pressure is reduced, the end of the working stroke. When the piston after the impact of the drill tail, the valve due to its upper and lower pressure difference, the commutation, the piston repeated return stroke movement. 

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