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Hand Held Button Bits Grinder

Hand Held Button Bits Grinder

Button bits grinding machine for sharpening drill bits

BTON200 hand held button bits grinder

Air pressure, max5-7 bar (100psi)
Air consumption2m3/min (50ft3/min) 
Rate power1.5kw
Idling speed20,000 rpm
Water flushing 
presuure, max
4 bar (60psi)
Hose diameter, air19 mm(1/2″)
Hose diameter, water4mm 
Weight, exclude hoses3.2 kg
Sound level80 dB
Grinding button sizeΦ6-25 mm

The other types of grinding machine we have:

Standar model(fully pnumatic)with Robot arm(fully pnumatic)but without tableElectric button bits grinder
Rotation speed20000 rpmRotation Speed20,000RPMWorking air pressure5-7bar(100 psi)
Motor: Pneumatic (air powered) Power output1.5KWWorking Air Pressure7-8barAir consumption1.2-1.8m3/min
Work pressure5-7 bar (100 psi) Air Consumption2.2m3/minMax.water pressure4bar(60 psi)
Max. air pressure8 bar (115 psi) Max.Water/Coolant Press4barWater consumption2-4L/min
Air consumption2.2 m3 / min (80ft3/min) Air hose diameter19mmRated power(motor)7.5KW
Max. water pressure4 bar (60 psi)Water hose diameter6mmCoolant/flushing mediumWater
Air hose diameter19mmWeight incl.packing350KGAir hose diameter19mm
Water hose diameter4mmSound Level92dB(A)Water hose diameter6mm
Sound level92 dB(A)Bit Holder Capacity1500mmWeight700KG
Weight incl. packaging55KGGrinder Dimensions1600*700*1500mmElectric power data1 phase220V,50Hz or3 phase,380V,50Hz


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