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Pnumatic Button Bits Sharpner With Robot Arm

Pnumatic Button Bits Sharpner With Robot Arm

Our grinding system is used for sharpening the drill bits and extend the working life of the bits.When the bits get dull,never throw it away,use our grinding and sharpening tools,you will make it sharp again!

AGM18 Pnumatic button bits sharpner with Robot arm

It is specifically used to grind the dull carbide on the drill bit,let it again become sharp. So that the drill can be reused 2-3 times, greatly enhance the service life of carbide bits, improve the efficiency of drilling and reduce the cost of drilling.The most effective drilling tool, it has been widely used in foreign countries due to high-speed rotation of pneumatic grinding machine , also with sharp diamond grinding head, grinding speed is very fast. And it is used with the common air compressor which is very safe and convenient.


Spindle Speed:20,000RPM

Working Air Pressure:7-8bar

Air Consumption:3.0m3/min

Max.Water/Coolant Press:4bar

Min.Air Supply Line:19mm ID

Grinder Dimensions:2000x1800x1000

Weight incl.packing:230kg

Sound Level: 88dB

Bit Holder Capacity:1500mm

AGM18 button bit grinder 04.jpg

Effect display

AGM18 button bit grinder 05.jpg


Working video:

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