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Buckle type of drill pipe joint
Aug 31, 2017

Buckle type of drill pipe joint:

Internal flat: mainly used for external thickening drill rod. Its characteristic is that the drill rod has the same inner diameter and small drilling fluid resistance, but it has larger outside diameter and is easy to wear. Through hole type: mainly used for internal and external thickening drill rod. It is characterized in that the drill pipe has two inner diameters, and the flow resistance of drilling fluid is greater than that of internal flat, but its outer diameter is smaller than regular. Regular style: mainly used for inner thickening drill rod, drill bit and fishing tool. Its characteristic is that the inner diameter of the joint is thicker, the inside diameter is smaller than the inside diameter of the pipe body, and the flowing resistance of the drilling fluid is large, and the relative flow resistance is the biggest in the three types of buckles, but the outer diameter is the smallest and the strength is larger. The above three types of joints are V type thread, but the buckle type, buckle distance, taper and size are very different.

The digital (NC) series connector is the American Standard coarse thread series. It has now been adopted by API as an international standard. NC thread is also V type thread, and some NC type joints have the same pitch diameter, taper, pitch and thread length, which can be used interchangeably with the old API standard joint.

Drill pipe joints are used inside and outside the form of thickening or thickening, tube diameter greater than the outer diameter of drill pipe joint, in the process of drilling and casing wall or continuous contact friction, abrasion, wear of the joints to avoid breakage caused by drill pipe and drilling accidents such as tripping, must be provided with drill pipe joints in drill pipe joint base wear-resistant belt.

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