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Classification of drill pipe joints
Aug 31, 2017

Classification of drill pipe joints:

The drill pipe joint is a component part of the drill pipe, and the male pipe joint and the female joint are connected at both ends of the pipe body of the drill pipe. In order to increase the joint strength of the joint, the wall thickness of the pipe body needs to be increased at the joint position. It can be divided into three forms: inner thickening, extra thick and internal and external thickening according to the thickening way. The joint is provided with thread (coarse buckle), which is used for connecting each single drill pipe, and the joint of the drill pipe thread is a taper pipe thread with a sealing shoulder, and the shoulder surface is screwed tightly to play the sealing function, and the thread is only connected. Different ways of thickening, corresponding to the joint of the thread button type is also different, [4].

According to the thread buckle type, the drill pipe joint is divided into four types: inner flat (IF), through eye (FH), regular (REG) and digital (NC)

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