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History and characteristics of casing drilling
Jul 13, 2018

History and characteristics of casing drilling:

Casing drilling history as early as the 1950s, it was assumed that the use of casing to replace the drill pipe to complete drilling operations, but by the prevailing conditions of technology and equipment constraints, it is difficult to achieve this vision. In the the 1990s, because of the development of new technology, new materials and electronic technology, the development of oil exploration technology has been promoted, a large number of new drilling technology, tools and new equipment emerged, and casing drilling technology was once again brought forward. The Canadian Texco Company has drilled into the first casing drilling test well for 1996 years, which is a test site well, and has drilled 150 meters with 95/8″ casing. By the end of 2000 Texco company has completed more than 20 development wells with casing drilling technology, and achieved good economic benefits. Compared with conventional drill pipe drilling, casing drilling has obvious advantages, it is a technical revolution of drilling engineering, it can bring huge economic benefit for oilfield operators.
Casing drilling has the following characteristics:

1, casing drilling using Standard Oil well casing, and the drilling and casing operation at the same time;

2. The bottom of the casing string can be assembled by the downhole Drilling tool assembly, and the wire rope is quickly removed through the casing.
The continuous circulation of the slurry can be maintained during the removal process;
3, the entire drilling process, has been to maintain the casing straight to the bottom, improve the well control situation;

4, the casing is only a single direction into the formation, no longer play.
The last casing string may be played unless the well is confirmed to be a dry well after the completion of the drill;
5, casing drilling can be used in many existing drilling techniques, such as directional drilling, water injection mud, logging, coring and well testing operations;
6, the use of these technologies and the original compared to the main difference is no longer rely on the drill pipe, but rely on the wire rope to replace the bit operation;

7, casing drilling is carried out using Standard Oil field casing, except that the casing collar or thread needs to be improved to provide the torque required for drilling; The thread selected by Tesco in the first Test well is (Hydrill 511 Premium thread), and the coupling is made of an improved reinforcing collar ( Modified Buttress coupling).

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