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How does a submersible impactor work?
Aug 31, 2017

The DTH impactor compresses the gas through the drill pipe into the impactor, which is then expelled from the drill and the exhaust gas is used to discharge the ballast. The rotary motion of the impactor is provided by the back rotor, the shaft thrust is supplied by the propeller and passed to the impactor by the drill rod. The drill string is mainly used to transfer propelling force and rotary motion to the drill bit. The axial movement of card loop control bit, and the non-return valve is when to stop the supply of compressor, to prevent rock debris from entering the impactor. During drilling, the drill is pushed into the impactor and is pressed against the collar, where the piston strikes the bit directly, and when the drill is removed from the bottom of the hole, it begins to blow vigorously.

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