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How The Hydraulic Rock Splitter Works?
Nov 12, 2018

How The Hydraulic Splitter Works

Conventional demolition techniques destroy rock and concrete by using an external force. However, because of their compressive strength, these materials are highly resistant to impact forces. For optimum results,one should adopt a splitting technique that works from the inside of the material, because rock and concrete have a lower tensile strength. GMD Hydraulic Splitters were developed to do just this and work according to a safe and proven wedge principle.

How it Works?

Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Step 1, First, a hole of a precise diameter and depth is drilled into the material. The wedge set (one wedge and two counter wedges) is inserted into the drill-hole. 

Step 2, The wedge is driven forward under hydraulic pressure, forcing the counter wedges apart with a force of up to 700 tons. The material splits within seconds. 

Step 3, With enlarging counter wedges the split can be expanded to its maximum width. Reinforcing rods break or can be cut up with a suitable power tool,

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