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How to use Demolition Agent / Expansive mortar?
Oct 18, 2018

How to use Demolition Agent / Expansive mortar?

Its Usage is very easy to operate:

1. Make a hole drilling, according to your drill design;

2. Mixed the cracking powder / demolition agent into cold clean water as the proportion (1.5L water : 5kgs powder), fully stir and mix them to complete slurry.

3. Pour the mixture into holes, after 2-8 hours, the rock or concrete will be splitted naturally.

◆Tips on how to use Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent

· For the best possible use and to obtain best results, it is advisable to carry out experiment with Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent before starting work.

· When using Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent with highly absorbent materials like concrete, the holes should be dampened before the mortar is poured, making sure however, that there is no presence of water.

· Large diameter holes positioned closer together accelerate breaking times.

· Make sure the holes are clean and no water and residues left in the holes, or use high-pressure air hose to clean out.

· Fresh mortar should be poured into holes within 5 minutes after mixing.

· Do not mix more than 2 bags (10 kg) for each lot at a time.

· The feeding depth should be 100% of the pre-drilled holes.

· Do not plug the holes after filling. Cover them only in the event of rain by a waterproof sheet.

· The workers on duty have to take synchronized operation, especially to hard stone.The quantity of holes each worker responsible to fill has to be moderate. All the workers on duty shall take synchronized steps when mixing, stirring and filling, which is the guarantee of maximum expansive stress of all holes occurring at the same time.

· Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent can only be used in holes. It will not work in existing cracks of stones or concretes.

· Never fill glass or metal containers with Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent mixture, or any container which widens towards the bottom. The pressure will shatter the container.

· If mixed Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent begins to steam in the mixing container, add some water to dilute and throw it away to an open surface. 

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