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How to use the Down The Hole (DTH) Hammer function?
Feb 06, 2018

How to use the Down The Hole (DTH) Hammer function?

 When percussion or hammer drilling the percussion mechanism is called a DTH or down the hole 

hammer. This drilling tool is located directly above the down hole hammer bit. The driller transfers

weight to the bit through the drill pipe as well as provides some rotation. Through the use of a 

compressor, the pressurized air is forced to the down hole hammer. As the drilled hole gets deeper 

the driller adds more drill pipe to the string. The piston strikes the impact zone of the hammer bit; 

hammers are always used as part of a casing advancement system and can be used in reverse 

circulation applications. DTH hammers are common when drilling blast holes and water wells. 


Suitable choice of raw material, advanced processing technology and perfect quality warranty. 

With hardened treatment, drilling life can be extended and then cost can be reduced.

Size range 3’’, 3.5’’, 4’’, 5’’, 6’’, 8’’, 10’’, 12’’ etc.

Shank styles: DHD3.5, DHD340, DHD350, DHD360, DHD380; COP44, COP54, COP64, COP84; 


TD40, QL50, QL60, QL80; Mission40, Mission50, Mission60, Mission80; SD4, SD5, SD6, SD8.

- Valveless air distribution. More reliable.
- Simple design of the piston. Long life.
- More efficient energy transfer, fact drilling speed, lower air consumption and lower oil consumption.
- Fewer internal parts, simple structure, long life, less failure and easier to maintain because all the parts are heat treated.
- Easy to disassemble because the top sub, the drive chuck and the external cylinder are connected by multi-step thread.

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