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Hydraulic DTH hamme
May 25, 2018

Hydraulic DTH hammer:

Hydrodynamic DTH hammer drilling is a major reform of conventional rotary drilling, which is a modern
After diamond drilling and air drilling, it made good use of hard rock brittleness and low shear strength of the weak impact of the weakness, is to solve the hard rock strata and some complex drilling efficiency of poor drilling quality of the effective drilling technology compared with conventional rotary drilling, hydraulic DTH hammer drilling has the following advantages:
(1) Make full use of the on-site routine ancillary equipment, basically does not change the existing operating rules;
(2) because the pump pressure is easy to reach a higher value, so the hydraulic hammer adapts to the hole depth is larger;
(3) The drilling time of hard rock stratum is high;
(4) The broken stratum is not easy to Center, and the back footage is long;
(5) Prolong the life of the bit effectively;
(6) to a certain extent to reduce the hole oblique strength;
(7) Low energy consumption and less environmental pollution;
(8) Not afraid of aquifer, strong wall protection ability;

(9) Easy maintenance and convenient operation

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