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Performance characteristics of DTH hammer
Aug 31, 2017

Performance characteristics of DTH hammer:

1, the latest rock drilling theory is adopted to design the internal structure size of the impactor, so that the impactor can achieve the most ideal energy transfer. The single impact work is great and the drilling speed is faster.

2, the unique taper design of variable diameter, such as gravel and soil stuck when drilling, the drill when lifting taper variable diameter can reduce the lifting resistance, greatly reduce the impact of the shock can not occur.

3, in order to prevent dust pollution phenomenon in perforation of drilling operation, the main parts of the product also uses a new computer program controlled heat treatment process, in order to add a small amount of high-pressure water in compressed air, wet drilling to protect the health of the operator.

4, this design can be connected directly with the drill stem without reducing the connector, thus reducing the user's production cost.

5, the use of the best quality raw materials and the most advanced processing technology, more stable performance, longer life.

6, with the most simple, reliable and easy to install and disassemble the internal structure, less failures, easy maintenance.

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