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The basic point and scope of casing drilling
Jul 13, 2018

The basic point and scope of casing drilling:

The basic point of casing drilling technology, tool and equipment casing drilling technology is to cancel the conventional drill pipe and replace the drill pipe with casing. There is no big difference between mud circulation mode, feeding mode, coring mode, blowout preventer Group and drilling parameters and conventional drilling. In the casing drilling process, the casing is driven by the top drive device rotation, by the casing transmission torque, drive installed in the casing end of the tool set on the drill to rotate and drilling. Since the casing drilling does not have a problem with the column, the height of the rig can be reduced to about 20 meters and the structure can be simplified . Because the bit is less than the inner diameter of the casing, can not drill out diameter larger than the casing diameter of the hole, so the tool on the top of the drill on the other can be Zhang or indentation of the eye-expanding device. When the eye-expanding device is opened under drilling conditions, the wellbore can be enlarged. The mud is entered from the casing and is returned by the circular space between the casing and the wellbore. The drill is fixed at the front end of a specially designed tool set and the tool group is locked at the end of the casing string , and is connected to a winch with a dedicated starting bit through a wire rope. When the bit needs to be replaced, the locking device is opened and the tool group is set up by the winch through the casing. After replacing the new drill bit, the tool group is fed by the winch through the casing and locked in the casing end, and the drilling process of the drill is the process of casing. Casing a root ground down, no longer mentioned. You can start cementing after you finish drilling.
Casing drilling is suitable for oil reservoirs with relatively stable burial depth: as the casing drilling and completion after the direct cementing completion, and then perforation recovery, there is no logging technology for reservoir depth measurement, reservoir development evaluation, so the reservoir development and burial depth must be stable, so that the depth of the casing drilling design is guaranteed. Suitable for development and stability, small formation dip area: Due to the inevitable existence of borehole deviation in casing drilling, the result of deviation of well inclination is the difference between deep and vertical deep drilling, and the larger the deviation, the greater the difference. The formation inclination, the development of fractures, faults and so on, play an important role in the influence of the borehole deviation. Therefore, the design of casing drilling area formation dip is small, fracture, fault is not developed or underdeveloped, it is conducive to casing drilling in the control of well inclined.

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