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The use of down the hole drill tools
Oct 18, 2018

DTH drilling is used in the construction industry to produce piles into rock, also water wells, and drilling bores for geothermal ground source heat pumps.

DTH products can be used in the following applications:

Mining- Drill & Blast holes in Open Pit mining, Where the drill operator will drill several holes, then fill with explosives and detonate to lift rock allowing access to ore body

RC- Exploration & Pit grade control

GW- Geothermal Bore Holes & Waterwells

Oil & Gas- Deepwell Bore Holes : Air hammers can be used as long as cutting uplift and borehole stability are ensured. For deeper wells, new DTH technologies including water hammer and mudhammer can be used to improve drilling rates in hard rocks.

Construction- Piling, Footings

DTH Hammer

Drill dth bits12



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