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What are the requirements for installation and preparation of DTH rigs?
Aug 31, 2017

DTH drilling rig is a kind of equipment used in drilling engineering. It contains many kinds of kinds. Among them, the DTH hammer, as we often mentioned, belongs to DTH drill. In addition, there are rock drills, open-air drilling rigs, downhole rigs, etc. they are used in different neighborhoods according to different environmental requirements. As the saying goes "desire to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools", the rig in the preparatory work before the use of the same, today we have to DTH hammer as an example, to install and dive for hole drilling machine need to do?

DTH hammer drilling should be prepared before the construction of the underground cavern, specifications can be determined according to the method of drilling. During installation, air, water and lighting lines shall be drawn to the working surface for use. According to the hole design requirements, the pillars firmly erected.

Not long ago, various professionals summed up a new theory of rock, designed the internal size of the DTH impactor, which could achieve more ideal energy transfer. The single impact work was faster and the drilling speed was faster. It also indicates that the DTH drilling has entered a new stage of development.

In addition, we clean and repair the rig at any time without using it for the next time.

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