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What is Concentric casing system
Nov 05, 2018

Concentric casing system can be used in all ground conditions and drilling applications as: Foundation construction, Piling construction, Water Well and Geothermal, Tunneling and Horizontal drilling.

The rock drill hole is impacted together through the center drill bit and the concentric sleeve outside the center drill bit, and the casing is smoothly brought into the hole by the reaming effect of the concentric sleeve. After reaching to the bedrock, the center drill bit is withdrawn from the concentric sleeve, and the concentric sleeve stays in the hole. Since the concentric casing system is concentric full-face drilling, the possibility of stuck drilling accident is much less than that of eccentric and pipe drilling, and the effective impact frequency of the impactor is greatly improved, ensuring the borehole diameter and the resistance of the casing system is also reduced accordingly.

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