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What is reverse circulatin hammer
Nov 05, 2018

Reverse circulation drilling is also called central sample collection or double wall tube drilling. This type of drilling usually uses a double wall drill pipe. The drilling power is high wind pressure gas, and the high pressure gas enters the impactor through the gap between the outer tube and the inner tube quality inspection, so that the impactor hits the bit to break the rock layer, and the broken rock gathers into the air on the bit surface, and then passes through the sample collection tube and The inner tube of the drill pipe collects rock samples.

Features of the reverse circulation hammer:

1. No pollution. The reverse circulation hammer quickly extracts samples from the bit face at the moment of rock breaking. The sample does not need to pass through the length of the hammer, thus avoiding sample contamination and loss.

2. High productivity. In fractured and fractured rock formations, reverse cycle impactors are stronger in penetration speed than conventional hammer.

3. Dry sample. Even in the presence of water, a dry sample can be collected because the cuttings are collected just after the bit is produced.

4. The sample recovery rate is high. Because the sample is taken from the bit face, the loss of the sample can be avoided on the fractured and fractured rock formation. Because the diameter of the drill bit and the outer diameter of the wear sleeve are almost equal, the sample recovery rate can reach 98%.

The reverse circulation hammer has the following advantages:

1. According to the experience of the conventional hammer, combined with the use characteristics of the reverse circulation hammer, the internal structure is optimized to make the energy transfer ideal, thus ensuring that the series impactor has a fast drilling speed and can smoothly and continuously sample.

2. The internal structure is very simple, the components are rigid, thus ensuring long life of the hammer and easy maintenance.

3. The collection tube is integrated and can be replaced without disassembling the hammer. The collection tube is carburized, so the wear resistance is good.

4. With the drill bit, you only need to change the drill bit, the same hammer can drill holes of different sizes and ensure the sample is not polluted.

5. The sampling work can be done well under the conditions of loose soil, hard rock and a lot of water.


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