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What is the hydro bag for pushing stone block?
Nov 01, 2018

Hydro Bag for pushing stone block

at the time of 1st splitting gas available for jumop size quarry blocks after expansive mortar

working over , Specifically for stripping blocks from the mountain. Its name is hydro steel water bag .

Hydro-Bag is a simple, versatile and economical tool that has revolutionized quarry block stripping thanks to all the positive advantage.

1.Elimination of the time necessary for the preparation of the slots of the jacks

2.The blocks of stone are obtained with their sections intact, without the breaching deriving from the

3.Above mentioned slots

4.Total elimination of explosive

5.Less noise and dust deriving from the presence of pneumatic hammers

6.Respect for the local environment

7.Increased safety for the operators

8.No Maintenance

A complete Hydro-Bag equipment consists of:

1. Electric pump Hydro-Bag to create the pressure for the cushions

2. Safety valves and distribution valves;

3. Pipes, cocks and inlet filters;

4. Quick couplings 

5. A series of Hydro-Bag cushions.

water bag Hydro steel bag-06

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