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What is the tapered drill rod?
Nov 01, 2018

Tapered steel rod work with taper drill bits which are usually hexagonal. When it comes to the small-hole drillingtools equipped with pneumatic & hydraulic rock drills, Taper drill equipments is prevailingly used for rock drilling, blasting holes and other drillingworks especially in the mining application and dimensional stone industry.

Taper steel rod are the same as integral drill rods which havedifferent length to fit different drilling applications in mining, quarrying, road building etc. Taper drill rods need tapered drill bits to work, such as tapered chisel bits, tapered cross bits and tapered button bits.

Used for rock drilling, blasting holes and other drilling works in the quarries, coal mines, traffic and other constructions.

Generally, the light duty rock drill uses 7° Taper angle or smaller angle, the heavy duty rock drill mainly uses 12° Taper angle.

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