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Classification And Characteristics Of Impactor
Aug 31, 2017

Impactor is a widely used basic equipment in drilling engineering. The impactor can be divided into three kinds: pneumatic impactor, hydraulic impactor and manual impactor.

1. pneumatic impactor: also known as pneumatic impactor, pneumatic DTH hammer, high pressure and low wind pressure, valve and valveless. Its mechanical penetration rate is higher than that of hydraulic impactor, but it needs to be equipped with larger capacity air compressor, which consumes more fuel and has noise and dust pollution. The drilling depth is greatly affected by the groundwater level and water quantity.

2. hydraulic impact device: also known as hydraulic percussion rotary drilling tools, hydraulic DTH hammer. Hydraulic impact rotary drilling technology can improve drilling speed, prolong the footage, slow bend. This is an invention of China, and a large scale is being developed abroad for oil wells and geological drilling.

3. manual impactor: the use of human body functional design, to maximize the use of requirements, convenient and flexible. The utility model integrates cutting, cutting, smashing, prizing and other working methods into an integral whole, and is an ideal manual disassembling tool. The impactor does not need power source, and it is a rescue tool with manual operation and portable operation. The impact head is made of high strength tool steel, with high strength, good toughness and durability.

The impactor has a profound impact on drilling, but no matter what kind of impactor has its own unique place, the construction needs to be combined with the actual situation.

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