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Method For Eliminating Common Troubles Of Impactor
Aug 31, 2017

The impactor is a basic equipment in drilling engineering use, is an essential part in drilling engineering is one of the basic equipment, it is important, but when we often encounter some failures in the use of the process, then you know the troubleshooting methods for common shocks?

Fault 1: insufficient or no lubricating oil to cause premature wear or damage. Reason: the lubricating oil does not reach the impact structure of the impactor.

Troubleshooting: check the lubrication device, adjust the lubricator, increase the amount of injection.

Fault 2: the impactor does not work or does not work properly. Reason:

(1) the gas path is blocked.

(2) the clearance between the piston and the inner and outer cylinders, the piston and the valve seat is too large.

(3) the impactor blocked by dirt.

(4) the end of a piston or a bit is broken.

Removal method:

(1) check the air pressure and check if the gas path is clear. Is the check valve dead?.

(2) disassemble the impactor, inspect the wear and tear, and replace the worn parts. For the good work of the impactor, please choose our genuine fittings. )

(3) disassemble the impactor and clean all the internal parts of the impactor.

(4) disassemble the impactor and replace the piston or drill bit. (for the good work of the impactor, please choose our genuine fittings.)

Fault 3: the drill bit and the drill bush fall off. Reason: the impactor does not carry the right hand when it works.

Rule out: hook off the parts and ensure the right turn during drilling or lifting.