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Oct 20, 2017

Date: November 08-11, 2017
Time: 11月8-10日 9:00-17:30, November08-11
            11月11日 9:00-16:00,November 11

Venue: China Shuitou Stone Industry Exhibition Center

Exhibition Range
 All kinds of granite, marble, Slab and blocks, Artificial stone, Slate,
Shaped stone, Stone crafts, Culture Stone, Headstone Products, Garden landscape stone

Stone mining equipment, Stone processing machinery, Diamond saw blades,
Abrasive tools, Abrasives

Stone chemical protective equipment, Various types of stone monitoring instruments, Results of research design, Magazines and other information

The 18th China (Nanan) Shuitou International Stone Fair adhering 17th "Marine Silk Road, Stone Capital, cultural" heritage and innovation, this never-ending feast of stone industry will be waiting for you in Shuitou 2018
tone and stone machinery.

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