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RE542 RE543 Reverse Circulation Hammer

RE542 RE543 Reverse Circulation Hammer

RC serier reverse circulation DTH Hammer is the latest developed product of our company, it is mainly used for deep exploration drilling and ore grade control.

What is RC Hammer (Reverse circulation hammers)?

The reverse circulation hammers are mainly used for geological prospecting and drilling wells. It is a kind of drilling tool which drains the rock slag through the drilling pipe. The air consumption is low and the maximum hole depth is less than 600 meters. The sampling is accurate and the operation is environmentally friendly. Drilling tool, reverse circulation drilling tool is discharged from the tube rock slag, resistance is small, slagging smooth, sample tube and outer cylinder selection of special custom alloy steel, slagging pipe surface to strengthen the treatment, the use of high-quality seals, sealing effect.


The Characteristics of RC Hammers.

1. The internal structure is very simple, parts rigidity, so as to ensure long life impact, easy maintenance.

2. Collecting tube with one, no need to remove the impactor can be replaced, the collection tube after carburizing treatment, better wear resistance.

3. With the drill bit with patented design, only need to replace the drill, the same impactor can drill different sizes of holes, and to ensure that the sample from pollution.

4. In the loose soil, hard rock and a large number of water and other difficult conditions, can be well completed sampling work.


The types of RC Hammers.

RE531 RC Hammer

RE004 RC Hammer

RE542 RC Hammer

RE543 RC Hammer

RE545 RC Hammer

RE547 RC Hammer

PR40 RC Hammer

PR52 RC Hammer

P54 RC Hammer

AD116 RC Hammer

AD117 RC Hammer

AD124 RC Hammer

RC62R RC Hammer

RC82R RC Hammer

RC100R RC Hammer 

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RC HAMMER 01.jpg

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