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Hydraulic Stone And Concrete Breaker For Quarrying And Construction

Hydraulic Stone and Concrete Breaker is a extremely cost-effective and powerful alternative to split rock and concrete, it is mainly used for secondary breaking.

Hydraulic Stone and Concrete Breaker for Quarrying and Construction

Hydraulic Stone and Concrete Breaker also call as rock & concrete splitter, has various usage in difference application.

  1. It is widely used in all kind of stone quarrying and mining industry, such as granite, marble and other natural stones.

  2. It's very useful on demolition working, such as demolition a restricted space, old buidlings, redundant reinforced concrete structures and old machine base etc.

  3. It also can be used for construction engineering projects, including tunneling, bridges etc.


This kind of hydraulic rock splitter is with power pump pack and hydraulic cylinder. Power pump pack can be driven by electric motor, diesel engine or gasoline engine. The pump pack is available towable 1-10 pcs of cylinder.

They are very easy to operate. 

After drilling the hole in rock or concrete, put inside the cylinders which is contain wedge and shims, and then start the pump pack engine to provide hydraulic working presssure for splitting the stone or concrete. Repeat this job until the whole structure is splitting into smaller parts and ready for removal.

in working site

Specification for steel cylinder

ModelPistion DiameterHole DiameterHole depthSplitting DistanceWeight

Technical data for pump pack

Engine ModelTank CapacityEngine PowerWorking PressureTowable cylinderWeight
Electric motor407.5kw (380V)55-60Mpa1-10pcs100kgs
Diesel engine4.2kw120kgs
Gasoline engine7.5hp100kgs


The pump pack station and cylinders will be packing into exported standard wooden case.

wooden case

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