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Expansive Mortar & Stone Cracking Powder For Demolition Concrete And Stone Quarry

Stone cracker is a material that can be swollen by physical and chemical reactions, the volume expansion can be applied to material production, silent blasting and other fields.

What is Expansive mortar?

Stone cracker is a material that can be swollen by physical and chemical reactions, the volume expansion can be applied to material production, silent blasting and other fields.

Uses: more common concrete expansion agent, refractory expansion agent, mainly used to compensate for the shrinkage of the material during the hardening process to prevent cracking. In recent years, according to material properties, also developed a static blasting agent, mainly through the material brought about by the volume of the expansion of the structure caused by damage.

Core: its technical core is, controllable cycle, controllable volume expansion.


How to use Sino crack stone cracking powder?

1, drilling: usually drilling design is as follows,

(1) Aperture: 32-50 mm (the larger the pore size, the greater the expansion pressure, the shorter the cracking time, but the ambient temperature of 35 degrees or more when the best use of 32-40MM between the drill to reduce the spray The possibility of the hole);

(2) Pore distance L1: 10-40 cm (the smaller the pitch, the shorter the cracking time, depending on the pore size and the material of the object, about 5-8 times the pore size, like granite, limestone, iron ore and reinforced concrete Is 5-6 times the aperture, marble, sandstone and concrete 7 to 8 times);

(3) Hole depth: 85-105% H. Please clean the dust or water in the hole before charging.

(4) row distance L2: that is, the distance between the rows of holes: 0.2-3M (engineering crushing is usually 0.2-1M, mine mining materials for the 1-3M), depending on the specific construction requirements and design may be.

2, the ratio and the amount:

1) the amount of broken agent: about 1.8 grams / cubic centimeter, like 1 meter Φ36MM drilling about 1.8 kg.

2) water ratio: about 25-30% of the weight of broken agent, like 10 kg broken agent with 2.5-3 kg of water.


Types and property of concrete demolition powder:

Type of SPLIT.AG

Usable ambient temperature


40-50 ( 104-122)


25-40 ( 77-104)


10-25 ( 50-77)


-5-10 ( 23-50)



Composition report for Non Explosive Rock Demolition Agents:











Package & Storage for stone soundless cracking agent:

Container and Storage MAANSI EXIMS silent stone cracking powder is packed in 4 anti-moisture bags of 5 kg (11 lb.) each and then placed in a water proofed carton with a total weight of approximately 20 kg (44 lb.).


Although CALCIUM HYDROXIDE COMPOSITION is packed in anti-moisture paper bags, long storage may cause deterioration of its working ingredients. Therefore, store in a dry place and use it as soon as possible.


When storing, do not place the bags of Splitstar Fast stone cracking agent directly on floor, put them on a pallet and keep in a dry warehouse etc. Non-explosive demolition / cracking agent, stored in this manner, can be effectively used for about 1 year.


Soundless rock breaking chemicals should be unpacked before use.


When storing the portion of soundlesss stone cracking mortar remaining after use, push the air out of the bag, then seal with gum tape and use as soon as possible. However, as it may get exposed to moisture there is a risk of silent breaking agent for rock blasting chemicals  losing its effectiveness once the bag has been opened.


If you receive broken bags of concrete removal chemical mortar, they may not work due to chance of moisture absorption. 

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