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Stone Cracking And Reinforced Concrete Demolition Agent

Stone Cracking And Reinforced Concrete Demolition Agent

Demolition Agent is also called Expansive mortar, non-explosive, replace explosives completely for rock cracking and reinforced concrete demolition.

Stone Cracking and Reinforced Concrete Demolition Agent is a powder with amazing 18,000 PSI expansive strength, when it mixed with common water and poured into drilling holes, non-explosive demolition / cracking agent can breaks reinforced concrete or rock safely and quietly, while providing SILENT cracking.

Demolition agent or cracking powder has lots of Advantages:

Controlled demolition


No license required

No flying debries

No toxic fumes

Environmental friendly

Silent Operation

Rapid usability


Safety for vicinity

There have three Types for this cracking powder / expansive mortar:

TypeUsable temperature
SCA-125℃-40℃ ( 77℉-104℉)
SCA-210℃-25℃ ( 50℉-77℉)

-5℃-10℃ ( 23℉-50℉)

Its Usage is very easy to operate:

  1. Make a hole drilling, according to your drill design;

  2. Mixed the cracking powder / demolition agent into cold clean water as the proportion (1.5L water : 5kgs powder), fully stir and mix them to complete slurry.

  3. Pour the mixture into holes, after 2-8 hours, the rock or concrete will be splitted naturally.

expansive mortar

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