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YN27C Petrol & Gasoline Drilling Machine

YN27C Petrol & Gasoline Drilling Machine

YN27C petrol drilling machine is currently the best sales, the most efficient, most fuel-efficient gasoline drilling machine.

The gasoline rock drill YN27C is a tool for direct mining of stone. It drills holes in the rock, in order to put explosives to blast the rock, thus completing the mining of stone or other stone works. Rock drill according to its power source can be divided into pneumatic rock drilling machine, gasoline rock drill, electric rock drill and hydraulic rock drill four categories. Internal combustion using the principle of internal combustion engine, through the petrol burning force to drive the piston impact steel brazing, digging rock. Applicable to no power, no gas source of the construction site.


YN27C Petrol rock drill machine applications include construction demolition operations, geological exploration drilling and foundation engineering, as well as cement pavement, asphalt pavement of the various split, broken, tamping, shovel and other functions, more suitable for a variety of mine drilling, split , Blasting mining.


YN27C petrol drilling machine is currently the best sales, the most efficient, most fuel-efficient gasoline drilling machine.


Technical characteristics of YN27C gasoline jack hammer machine

1) When the engine is pneumatic, gently pull the rope when the ratchet mechanism is engaged. Pull the direction of the rope to be correct, do not force too much to prevent the start rope pulled out.

2) When the rock drill is started with a drill pipe, the handle clutch is not allowed to go to the rotary position.

3) often pay attention to whether the phenomenon of the center hole of the rod, to prevent the machine flameout.

4) In order to protect the rotary mechanism, the machine can not be overloaded.

5) internal combustion rocker with gasoline as fuel, plus oil can work independently, without any auxiliary equipment. Easy to carry.

The working video for gasoline rock drill machine YN27C


Technical   specifications/model YN27C Petrol jack hammer

Weight of main machine


Overall dimensions(L*W*H)


Type of engine

Single cylinder, air cooled   two strokes

Cylinder diameter*stroke of   piston


Rotation speed of engine


Displacement of engine   piston


Type of carburetor

hand needle valve, floatless   type

Ignition system

controllable silicon,   contactless system

Drilling speed (mean value   of five holes)


Drilling hole diameter


Max drilling depth


Fuel consumption


Tank capacity



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