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Hand-held Air Jack Hammer Y20 Y24


Hand-held air jack hammer Y20 Y24

Pneumatic compressed air driven piston impact forward in the cylinder, the steel gouge of rock, the most widely used. Like hand held Model: Y6/Y8/Y10/Y19/Y20/Y24/Y26/Y28

Use:  mainly used for mining, railway, water conservancy and drilling hole in rock engineering and two blasting operations, can be vertical or inclined to 1000, on the hard and hard rock wet drilling. The advantages of light weight, low consumption, high efficiency, easy to use

Technical data:

Hand Held Rock DrillY6Y8Y20Y24Y26YH24
Weight (kg)6818242624
Air consumption (L/s)≤9.59.52555≤4755
Drill hole diameter (mm)2020-2434-4234-4234-4234-42
Max.drilling depth (mm) 0.50.5  3
Shank (mm) 15X8822x108 22x108 


22x108 22x108 


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