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Integral Drill Rod For Stone Quarry

Integral Drill Rod For Stone Quarry

Mining Integral Rock Drill Steel Rod We can produce as your request of carbide size, different length of drill rods. Tapered Tools/Hex Tapered Drill Rods Shank: Hex22x108mm, Hex25mmx159mm

   Quarry Rock Drilling Integral Steel Plug Hole Rod



Our factory can offer many kinds of drilling tools, including chisel type bits, cross type bits, tapered drill rods, plug hole rod and integral drill rods and so on.  


Products Features:


Plug hole rod are normally produces Hexagon 22*108 Drill Steel, where the dimension given are measured across the flat of the hexagon.


Plug hole rod are a fixed length with a shank at one end and a bit at the other, and are able to drill to a depth equivalent to their effective length.

The bit may consist of single chisel shaped tungsten carbide insert or three such inserts.


To drill deep holes, the rods are designed to be used in a series where the lengh of any rod used in longer than the one used just before it.

To do this ,a series of rods must be produced so that the bit diameter is reduced for each increase in lengh if rod to prevent jamming of the bit in the hole.


Products technical data: 


The plug hole rod in this brochure are the most cmmonly used.

For other bit diameters and lengths please contact us.


technical scketh for plug hole rod.jpg

Shank Turned length (TL) chisel Bit DWeight 
Hex 19 x 1081507 20 220.6
20020 220.6
Hex 19 x 82.528020 221
Hex 22 x 10815017 20 220.7
20017 20 221
25017 20 221.1
30017 20 221.7
20017 20 220.8
25017 20 220.9
30017 20 221.5
35017 20 221.8
55017 20 222.4
71017 20 222.9



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