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R32 Drifting And Tunneling Rock Drilling Thread Button Bit With Carbide Insert

T45 button bits are widely used in Bench drilling, underground long hole drilling to match extension MF rod, MM rod heavy duty top hammer Drilling. A complete selection of Top Hammer Drilling Tools to meet all of your drilling needs, which are suitable for any type of drilling application in mining, tunneling, construction and quarry work, and thread adapters in a full range of standard diameters. With the top quality of alloy steels and the best carbides, we produce all Top Hammer Drilling Tools by hot press technology and multiple heat-treated process to extend the product life for maximum wear and performance in the toughest of drilling conditions.

R32 Drifting and Tunneling Rock Drilling Thread Button Bit with Carbide Insert

The thread button bits are made with high quality of best quality alloy steel bar and tungsten carbides with superior wear resistance and impact toughness superior, through heat treatment so that it can withstand the toughest rock drilling demands, and transmit intensive impact energy into the rock with the least possible loss of energy.

Thread Button BitDiameterCarbide size(mm)Flushing holeWeight

R32(1 1/4")-standard body

412  5/82×85×9120.65
431  11/162×85×10120.72
451  3/42×95×10120.82
481  7/82×105×10120.92
572  1/22×105×12121.35
642  1/23×116×12131.56

R32(1 1/4")-Retrac body

542  1/83×105×11121.66
572  1/22×105×12121.86
642  1/23×116×12132.12

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